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the sew revolution

The sew revolution aims to return to the old customs already lost in this society of haste and stress.

We want to slow down and relax, sewing is one of those things that helps us sit down, stop our stressed agendas for a moment, and disconnect doing crafts.

The problem many of us have is that we were not taught how to sew!. We do not know and we want to learn!!

ILUS opens the door to start sewing even if you have no idea…

How to be part of the sew revolution?

  1. Choose your ILUS garment
  2. Order your kit through our website
  3. Follow the steps in the manual and sew your garment!
  4. Enjoy the result
  5. Share it on the networks #ILUS #TheSewRevolution

Some things are worth more than money

Like that stinging jersey, made by your grandmother; or the dress, that your mother made for you. Do you want your son or daughter to have something like that? But you have never learned to knit or sew? We can help you! Here is how it goes:

  • Step one: Choose the perfect ILUS garment for you. Order it online and wait for it to get to your house.
  • Step Two: Open the package and follow the instructions.
  • Step three: Enjoy your own garment made by you for your child!